Saturday, April 21, 2012

My First Experience with Magnetic Polish

Hello new blogger layout! I'm not really a fan of change, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Here I have Pretty Woman- Magnetix (unnamed green). I found this at Rite Aid and I believe it was $6. I have yet to order the China Glaze Magnetix collection ( I'm trying to maintain my no-buy from now on- but I will get them eventually!). I purchased this green because it was unlike any of the shades that are in the China Glaze collection. I'm still getting used to the method of applying these. I had to do a couple nails over because I got the magnet too close to the polish and it smudged. After a few times, I realized that I could just do a quick touch-up, and put the magnet over it while it was still wet. I was getting impatient, so I just settled for the imperfections. You can see them on my index and ring finger. I don't really know a lot about this brand. The polish came with a diagonal line (shown) and wavy line magnet. The wear was okay. It chipped a little bit on the sides after two days. I'm definitely a fan of magnetic polish and I can't wait to purchase more!


  1. thats a gorgeous color!! the magnetics have been much trial and error for me..still practicing!

  2. Thanks! I was able to get the designs to look awesome, and then right as I was finishing up each nail, I bumped it with the magnet. Hopefully I'll get better with practice! I figured nobody else would notice the mistakes in person except for me haha.