Saturday, June 9, 2012

Color Club- Santa's Cinnamon

Yesterday I wore Color Club- Santa's Cinnamon from the 2011 holiday Scentsuous collection exclusive to Sally's. The polishes from this collection are scented and this one smelled like Cinnamon. The smell was somewhat strong and delicious! I am wearing three coats here. There were some bare-looking spots with two coats, so I just did three. Most people could probably get away with doing just two coats.

In terms of the color, it's not very unique. Everyone has seen the red glitter jellies like China Glaze- Ruby Pumps, OPI- Speak for Your-Elf, etc. This one is a bit different in the sense that the glitter is larger than the micro glitter in other red glitter jellies. The glitter is more prominent and the texture is a bit more gritty. Red glitter jellies are really difficult for my camera to capture for some reason, but you could definitely see the glitter more in person. I got a few compliments on this polish too!
Although it smelled good, the color was pretty, the wear was TERRIBLE! This was taken less then 24 hours after application. (Sorry my camera was low on battery power and going out of focus). The polish is coming off in sheets!!! It also chipped on a few of my other fingers. It just started peeling off of the sides. I wasn't doing anything with my hands that would make polish chip. I'm wondering if there's an ingredient in scented polish that makes them chip easily. I remember Color Club- Gingerbread Man, also from this collection chipping less than 24 hours later also.

I embarked on some shopping trips, and here's what I got!

 First I stopped at Rite Aid and they had this brand called Colorphase. I got this chrome light purple which doesn't have a name. You're supposed to apply the purple first, and then there's a clear coat with a nail art brush in it that you can use to decorate the base color. The color then changes to a darker purple in the spots where you put the topcoat. I swatched it and it worked pretty well. I thought the packaging was unique. I then went to 5Below and they had some Sally Hansen HD's for $5 for 3 bottles. I got Digital, Blu, and Cyber.
At Charlotte Russe, I found this LA Girl Glitter called Celebrate. It's red, silver, and blue glitter. I had yet to add a patriotic glitter to my collection. I got nail nail from Tini from Narcissistic Nails. She found some China Glaze Kaleidoscope polishes at a beauty supply store, so I bought Rated Holographic from her. 


  1. omg this is beautiful! and it smells like cinnamon?? shame about the wear tho!

    can't wait to see rated holographic!!

    1. It smelled so good!! I wish I could have worn it for longer! I used the same base and top coat as usual, so it must be the formula of the polish.

      I now own 4 from the Kaleidoscope collection and I have yet to try them. I can't wait!!!

  2. All the scented polishes I've tried seem to be cloyingly flowery, but cinnamon? I could totally get behind that! At least if it didn't clump off so horribly. :(

    I've never heard of Colorphase before, but it sounds like it could be seriously cool!

    1. The scents were pretty unique. The Color Club scented ones were the first ones that I've tried.

      The Colorphase looked unique! It has so many possibilities!