Sunday, June 10, 2012

KBShimmer- Shipwreck

I have a special polish today. Recently I have been buying more indies. This is KBShimmer- Shipwreck. It definitely reminds me of under the sea. There are so many colors of glitter in it. Silvers, greens, golds, light and dark blue, and little micro pieces of orange glitter. It is all suspended in a blue jelly. I am wearing three coats of this. The blue jelly is quite sheer, but it builds nicely due to the abundance of glitter.
The finish was a bit gritty due to the amount of glitter, but it wore really well. Some pieces of glitter stuck up, but I just pushed them into the polish with a toothpick while the polish was tacky. It was a topcoat eater, but fine with one coat of Seche Vite. This definitely needed aluminum foil and acetone for removal! 

KBShimmer polishes can be purchased on Etsy. Currently there is no nail polish in stock, but they are planning for another restock this month. I believe that they retail for $8.50 each. KBShimmer also has a great assortment of soaps and bath products!


  1. KBShimmer makes amazing polishes! Shipwreck is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks!! They're so unique!! I also bought Vegas Bomb and Clown Puke. I'm wearing Vegas Bomb on my toes at the moment.