Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Green Apples and Stars!

I'm wearing the OPI ULTA Exclusive Hot Fun in the Summer-lime topped off with Kleancolor- Blind Date. This had a lot of air bubbles, and it kind of reminded me of a green candy apple. Hot Fun in the Summer-lime had a great formula. It was practically a one-coater, but I added two. It is a bright lime green creme. I only used one coat of Blind Date, but I dabbed and dispersed the stars where I wanted them to go. I just love the multi-colored stars in Blind Date. I used a toothpick to embed each star into the polish so that the edges wouldn't catch on this, and then I added a generous coat of Seche Vite. This mani didn't take too long to dry and normally I have drying issues with Kleancolors. Kleancolors definitely have a distinct scent! After two days of wear, a couple of the points of the stars are sticking up, but that's to be expected. I don't think many polishes with larger glitter shapes are meant to be worn for long periods of time.

I was very curious has to how close Hot Fun in the Summer-lime was to Green-wich village from OPI's permanent collection. I did a comparison.
 Hot Fun in the Summer-lime is on my pointer and ring fingers while Green-wich Village is on my middle and pinky. This picture shows one coat of each polish, and the difference is obvious. Green-wich Village is practically a jelly and it is more muted and yellow-toned while Hot Fun in the Summer-lime is brighter and more of a creme.
With two coats of each polish, the difference is more apparent. This is without topcoat. Green-wich village is more shiny due to it being a jelly and you can still see how Hot Fun in the Summer-lime is brighter.

UPDATE: Hot Fun in the Summer-lime stained my nails horribly, although it was a gorgeous color. I always use basecoat for my manis, and my nails turned bright yellow! Just thought I'd warn anybody before trying this out. Green-wich Village did not stain however, so this may be a better one if you want a similar shade but not the staining. It's also part of OPI's core line.