Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zoya Noel and Some Sweet Nail Mail

I finally decided to wear Zoya- Noel from the holiday 2011 Gems and Jewels collection. It's definitely one of my favorite blues that I own. Although out of season, it definitely reminds me of these vintage frosted blue Christmas ornaments that my mother used to have. It was very shimmery and almost like a foil- but not quite. I took the picture after wearing it for two days so there is some minimal tipwear.

Here's another picture without the flash in the sunlight.

I got some pretty sweet nail mail! I stumbled upon a blog sale with a ton of vintage polishes (which I love!!) Most of them were 50 cents to $1 each!

 Here are some old Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers that they release during the Halloween season: Mystery, Nightscape, Night Crawler, and Shinin'.
 I also scored some Maybelline Coloramas. I own a decent amount of these. I bought a ton of them at the dollar store in high school in packs of 3 for $1. I'm glad that I kept them all. This is Cocoa Motion, Ruby Rays and Candy Apple. The last one on the right is Mohda- Esmalte HD. I don't know anything about this brand. It was 50 cents and it looked unique so I just decided to get it. 
 I got two black label OPI's: Double Decker Red and SoHo Nice to Meet You. This Covergirl Sparkle topcoat is called Pink Twinkle and it has flakies in it!!
 Here are some gems. This Loreal's look OLD! I'm guessing late 80s at the earliest or early 90s. The bottle and cap design is so unique. These are both sheer "safe" colors. This is Pink Vibrant and Sea Shell.
Last but not least, Revlon Street Wear- Slick. It looks like a sheer polish with a purple flash to it. I finally got Max Factor- Fantasy Fire too!! I got this off of another girl in the local polish group I'm in on facebook. I don't really have any way to get international polishes, and I was so happy she was selling it. I can't wait to layer Fantasy Fire over black!


  1. Oddly, I never got around to wearing Noel until just 3 weeks ago when I put it on my toes finally. I was in the hospital for 2 months over the holidays and ordered a lot of polish which arrived while I was gone. I still have soooo many untrieds from then and before!

  2. Forgot to add - I love, love SOHO Nice To Meet You. It's a great red. You were lucky to find that one.

    1. Thanks!! I have so many untrieds! I probably have more untried bottles than I do tried lol. I'm excited to try SoHo Nice to Meet You. I cannot resist black label OPI's.