Friday, June 22, 2012

Purple Glitter Combo

I have a combination today. This is two coats of Sparitual- Chill topped off with one coat of All That Glitters- Plum and Plummer. At first I was a little iffy about how both of these shades would look layered, but I was extremely pleased with the results! Chill was more blue-toned, and Plum and Plummer made it look more purple.
All that Glitters is one of my favorite indie brands. The polishes wear so well on me. I'm sure I could have worn this for another few days without chipping.  Remember Very Peacockish? The pictures were taken after two days of wear. Plum and Plummer has small pieces of purple glitter, medium purple and black hexes, and jumbo-sized silver hexes. The application was pretty smooth. In order to get the large silver hexes, I had to fish around a little bit. 
 Here's a picture of Chill before I layered Plum and Plummer over it. It's in a little mini bottle. It's a violet toned blue creme, that's almost greyed in some sense- I guess you can call that Periwinkle.

Some nail mail arrived also!!!
I had a $5 gift card to Sephora, so I purchased Sephora by OPI- It's My Pink! I LOVE Betsey Johnson, and it's such a shame that she recently declared bankruptcy and everything is being discontinued. I really wanted this for my collection. Plus, I don't own that many hot pinks, and it's scented! I got Pretty & Polished- Bayou Blitz. This was an impulse buy. I have the mini, but I really wanted a full-size so I'll keep the mini aside to swap/sell at some point. My friend Heather had a really old OPI- DS Elegance. The bottle is halfway empty, and the cap used to be silver, but it was heavily used. She gave this to me!! She said she didn't really use it that much anymore and she knew how passionate I was about my collection. I felt guilty accepting it because the old OPI DS shades are highly sought after, but she insisted that I take it! 

I managed to catch Llarowe's flash sale of Lynnderellas last week and this is what I got: 

I also bought three more bottles from Traci from The TraceFace Philes after certain events have transpired which I'm not going to go into on here. They should be arriving soon in the mail though. I ordered Boy-Girl Party, She Lived in a Swamp, and Love, Lace and Lilacs. I'll just say that as more things unfold, the less I even want Lynnderellas in my collection. I probably will keep them for a while and then consider selling them off in the future.

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