Sunday, June 24, 2012

Juicy Radioactive Orange

I'm wearing three coats of China Glaze- Sun Worshipper topped off with two coats of Color Club- Covered in Diamonds. This reminded me of a juicy orange, but it's so bright it's radioactive. I don't own a lot of neons, and I only have a couple oranges in my collection. I have nothing like this. Normally I'm not really drawn to neon oranges. Covered in Diamonds is very versatile and can be layered over many other colors. The possibilities are endless. I did have some issues with it though. It has iridescent flakies in it, but they aren't the kind of flakies that lay flat on the nail. These ones are more like shards. The sharp edges on them were sticking out and catching on things causing this mani to chip prematurely. I removed it shortly after it started chipping. I actually got a few compliments on this mani though.

I took a couple pictures of Sun Worshipper before I added Covered in Diamonds.
This is pre-clean up and without the flash. You can see that it has a matte finish instead of a glossy one. That's usually characteristic of neons. They also are more jelly-like and sheer. It is recommended that one layers them over a white cream, but I didn't do that (I should have). I used three coats, and it was a streaky mess. I was not pleased with the application.

With the flash, it shows up WAYY more yellow than it actually it, but the brightness in the sun is pretty close. This isn't color accurate at all, but just for fun.

I got some nail mail too!
My expose sale Lynnderellas came in the mail! I'm still debating on whether to use them or sell them in the future.


  1. great polishes! if u ever decide to sell your lynnderellas, do let me know! :) i am new to nail polished and lemming some lynns :)


    1. Will do!! They are really pretty though and I know I'll have a hard time parting with them. I've been back and forth on selling them.