Monday, December 17, 2012

More Festive Combos

I had quite a busy week, but I've been keeping up with holiday-themed mani combos and just have to update with all of them! This one is a combination of Zoya- Electra layered over ORLY- Au Champagne

Electra was just released as part of Zoya's Ornate holiday collection. It is filled with micro silver glitter and prismatic silver bar glitter. It reminds me of tinsel!
I only wore one coat of Electra because I didn't want to cover up Au Champagne too much. I really liked how it turned out! It reminds me of a white Christmas tree. Electra would probably need about 3-4 coats to be completely opaque on its own.

Here's ORLY- Au Champagne by itself with the flash. This one was surprising. It had a semi-matte finish; almost like a satin. I was only wearing two coats, but if I were to wear this by itself, I'd go for three.

This is without the flash. You can see the satin finish and the white shimmer particles. Au Champagne was released in ORLY's 2011 Holiday Soiree collection.
This next combination is composed of Seche- Collage Overlay layered over Joe Fresh- Mallard. I took a picture of it by my tree because it blended in so well!
Collage Overlay was just released as a limited edition shade by Seche. I purchased mine at Sally's. It is absolutely stunning and I have seen nothing like it. I recommend picking one of these up ASAP! It's filled with giant matte white hex glitter, large pink prismatic hexes, and prismatic silver bar glitter. I am only wearing ONE COAT of this stuff! It's so concentrated with glitter. I only had to dab it around a little bit just to make sure it was evenly dispersed. I also just realized that I'm holding my Seche Vite bottle in the picture instead of the Collage Overlay. Oops! At least it's the same company.

Here's Joe Fresh- Mallard on it's own before adding Collage Overlay. This picture was taken without the flash. I do not know much about this brand. I purchased this one from a blog sale- on the reasoning that I love greens and mallard ducks! I was very surprised with how great the formula and brush were because it was a mini bottle. The brush conformed to my nails so well! It was almost like a mini OPI brush (regular size, not the mini OPI bottle brushes). It is a darker green creme leaning blue. I love everything about it!


  1. I love, love Orly Au Champagne - It's like no other polish I ever have used or seen in the white range...nice to have a creamy white that is not all streaky! I saw the Seche Collage at a Sally's 2 weeks ago when I was out of town on medical and stopped in...I wish I had bought it home.

    1. The formula on Au Champagne was wonderful. If you see Collage Overlay again, I definitely recommend buying it!

  2. These are all really lovely combos. Love that chunky glitter!

    1. The big white hexes are my favorite part!