Monday, December 10, 2012

ORLY Le Chateau with Snowman Glitter

I have a fun holiday combo. This is ORLY- Le Chateau topped off with a Blue Cross snowman glitter. I was very pleased with how this turned out and wore it for a couple days. It reminds me of lights on a Christmas tree!

I purchased this Blue Cross snowman glitter last year around the holidays, but I noticed that they are selling it this year too. I saw some bottles of it at Rite Aid. I wish that these festive glitters had names. I only needed one coat of this over Le Chateau. I dabbed it around a little bit just to make sure the coverage was even.

Here is Le Chateau by itself before adding the glitter. This was indoors without the flash. Le Chateau is from ORLY's 2011 Holiday Soiree collection. I found this one on sale when Sally's was clearing out their holiday shades last year. I actually almost didn't purchase it because it looked black in the bottle, but it is actually a dark green jelly. I own nothing else like it.

With the flash, this looks black. The formula on this was great and it only required two coats to be completely opaque. It was so shiny without topcoat!
Since it's rather hard to see the green in the pictures, I thought I would show what just one coat of Le Chateau looks like. It's a bit sloppy since this was mid-mani, but you can definitely see the green here. It was a little bit streaky for the first coat, but the second coat hid that completely.