Sunday, December 30, 2012

Manis over the Holiday

I apologize for my lack of posts. I've acquired a terrible viral flu so I've been out of commission for the past few days. I have a few mani posts that I'm behind on so I'm going to feature two here. This first one is Sephora by OPI- Hollywood if I Could layered over Essie- Mint Candy Apple.
Sephora by OPI- Hollywood if I Could is part of the recently-released Jewelry Topcoats collection. It is filled with iridescent bar glitter!

You can see the different colors of the bar glitter in this picture taken with the flash. I applied two coats of this. There are also tiny pieces of glitter in this polish.
Here is Essie- Mint Candy Apple without the flash. It is a mint green creme leaning light blue. It is from Essie's Winter 2009 collection.
Here it is with the flash. This just needed two coats to be flawless. I'm a huge fan of mint greens.

My next combo is Glitzology- Island of Misfit Toys layered over OPI- Loyalty Islands Lilac.
Island of Misfit Toys is a unique one. It is filled with squares and hexes of matte multicolored glitter. It definitely reminds me of toys- especially Legos.
The formula on Island of Misfit toys was rather thick and I am only wearing one coat of it. I took this with me to do my nails on a trip out of town to visit family, so I didn't have any polish thinner with me. When I got back home, I put some thinner in it, and the consistency was perfect for me. 

OPI- Loyalty Islands Lilac is a really old one! It is from the South Seas collection of 1997.  I found this one in a salon. It has the old black label. The formula on this one was pretty thin, and it was rather streaky. I only used two coats since I was using it as a base for glitter, but I probably would have used three coats if I were to wear it alone. This picture was taken without the flash.
With the flash, you can see the lilac in this. This is such a pale lilac that it almost looks silver. It has a frosty quality to it, but I wouldn't categorize it as a frost; just a shimmer. 

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  1. I used to wear Loyalty Island Lilac a lot in the late 90's when we were all doing Fr and Am manis - the sheers like this were really popular then...OPI had a wedding collection that now the Soft Touch has taken the place of that had a lot of sheers in it - but then there always seemed to be some sheers in many collections back then. I can recall an entire holiday collection that was all but one sheer - it's the one that was named for all different Broadway Musicals - Thiking it came out in 2002 maybe...but also there were some fav sheers that later I used as toppers when we no longer were wearing sheers. But now sheers (and toppers) are back in a big way.