Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zoya Storm

Zoya- Storm is absolutely amazing! It is a black filled with scattered holo particles. These holo particles reflect a prism of color!
Storm was released recently as part of Zoya's Ornate holiday collection. I've seen holo particles in shades like this get lost in the base color, but it did not happen with this polish at all.

Storm needed two coats to be completely opaque and it was so shiny!
Here's a picture of Storm indoors without the flash. The holo effect isn't as strong, but you can still see it.

Indoors with the flash. The removal of this was a breeze too! I was thinking that since it was black and had holo particles, that it would be difficult. I think I only needed one cottonball.


  1. I love all the photos I have seen of Storm - when I ordered from Zoya right after this collection was for sale, I did not pick up Storm or the bar glitter in this collection. I thought of all the blacks I have bought that never pay off on the nails with what is inside it. I did find Storm when I went to my cancer hospital 500 miles away from home in their little feel good, look better store and I snatched it up. It looks pretty in the bottle but mine does not look at all like it should according to all the photos I have seen. I am wondering if I got a dead bottle...then talking to a girlfriend who did order one from Zoya, she said her's is dead too. Wondering if there have been a couple batches of it?