Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Couple Dark Shades

I went with some darker shades! This is OPI- Midnight in Moscow. It is from the Fall 2007 Russian collection.
This shade is super vampy! It is a black jelly filled with red shimmer particles! I really liked the formula and it only needed two smooth coats.
Red shimmer!
I took this one in my car. I think it's neat how this polish looks with sunlight opposed to without it. Midnight in Moscow reminded me of Wet n Wild- Under Your Spell, only with a much better formula.

Next is Dong Dong- 17 I believe that this one is from China. I received it in a swap. I chuckle at the name of this brand!
This has a "sandy" finish, so I did not use topcoat with this. The formula was a little thick, and it was practically a one coater, but I used two coats to make it more gritty.
I love that it looks mostly black with a hint of silver shimmer.
This lasted very long also! I wore it for three days without any chips.
Here is a picture taken indoors without the flash.

I thought I would make a meme. I think these crystal sand polishes have been around for a while, and now you see that OPI and Zoya are coming out with sandy texture polishes. 

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  1. Midnight in Moscow looks great on you! I have yet to actually wear mine, but I think its time to dust off the bottle