Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OPI- Redipus-Oedipus with Sephora by OPI 18K Gold Topcoat

Here's a great combo: Sephora by OPI- It's Real 18K Gold Topcoat layered over OPI- Redipus-Oedipus
I absolutely love the concept of these real gold flakes. This one has really tiny gold flakes instead of the larger chunks seen in the Zoya-Gilty or OPI- Man With the Golden Gun topcoats. I used two coats of this in order to see the gold more.
The gold flakes look really neat in various types of lighting! I was very impressed with how long this mani lasted. I wore it for about four days and there was very minimal tipwear. I pretty much wore this mani while I was sick, because I didn't have the energy to change it.
OPI- Redipus-Oedipus is from the Spring 2004 Greek Isles collection. This one has a black label. It is a medium red with fine pink shimmer particles. This picture was taken indoors without the flash.
With the flash. This only needed two coats in order to be opaque. It had such a smooth, shimmery finish.

Here are some new polishes I got through sales, gifts, or through using my ULTA gift card :)
OPI Liquid Sands from the new Mariah Carey collection: Stay the Night, Get Your Number, and Can't Let Go
Amy's Nail Boutique- Ecopolo, Hare Polish- A Positive, and China Glaze- Whirled Away
OPI- Pink Yet Lavender, Sprung, and A Butterfly Moment
OPI- Ghostess with the Mostess, Merry Midnight, Suzi Says Da!, ORLY- After Party, and Layla- CE 51
LA Colors- Treasure Island and Pixel: Extreme High Frequency, Oh Goly Gee, Deep Dark & Handsome and The Midas Touch. These are my first Pixels. I got them in my Christmas stocking! 


  1. Wow!!! You have got great nail colors. What caught my attention was the OPI nail polishes. I super like the colors and they are perfect for any occasion.

  2. I love the look of those tiny gold flakes! Urgh, I so wish we had a Sephora here!

  3. I have this pinky red. I have a ton of the old black label older OPIs. I like how this one looks with the Sephora 18K but when I played with it in the store last summer I sure did not like it or the price tag..now that it's been on sale for $8 I thought about it but I have 2 of the larger gold flake ones and had not bought it - now thinking I should maybe pick it up seeing how pretty this looks. You got a good haul..I have never seen any OPI on sale for 99 cents!

    1. That was the only OPI I saw for 99 cents and when I was checking out the cashier was surprised so I'm thinking that it was some type of error. I'm glad I didn't have that shade beforehand, otherwise it wouldn't have been as exciting.