Saturday, January 26, 2013

Max Factor- Fantasy Fire over Revlon- Royal

I have an EPIC combination today. Probably one of the most epic ones! I've seen similar layering combos to this in other blogs, and couldn't wait to try it myself.

I layered Max Factor- Fantasy Fire over Revlon- Royal- and WOAH!

Fantasy Fire is a dupe to the coveted Clarins 230 aka "unicorn pee". It has multichromatic color-shifting pigments that shift from purple, to red, to green. It looks simply amazing over the blue!

Since Fantasy Fire comes in a mini bottle, and it's harder to find since i now the brand is only sold in the UK, I used it very sparingly and used one coat. One coat of this was all that I needed!

Just to show the range of the color-shifting pigments, this is a picture taken indoors without the flash. You can see that it flashes more red in areas with lower lighting.

Here's another one I took in the car!

Now on to Revlon-Royal alone. Royal was released at some point last year, and I believe the shade was limited edition. You can still find Royal in many drugstores- although it may be hiding behind other polishes. It is a deep blue jelly. It is vibrant, but I've heard that there are various batches of this, where in some cases, some are brighter than others. Since this was a jelly, it needed three coats, but the finish is smooth and glossy! This picture was taken indoors without the flash.

Here's a picture of Royal with the flash. I apologize if my hands look super dry, because they are. This winter is killing them!

I remember my bottle of Royal being much more vibrant when I had first purchased it a few months ago. It's still GORGEOUS, but I was expecting it to be much brighter on the nails. Before I used it, I noticed that a lot of the bright blue pigments were settled to the bottom of the bottle. I used a toothpick to mix it around a little bit, but I'm not sure if it helped much. Has anybody else been experiencing this issue with Royal?

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  1. great pics! you got the green flash so nicely. and my royal was like that tooo, in fact it was almost completely sheer so much had settled lol. really grosss! i got a new one and its too opaque. can't win!