Sunday, January 6, 2013

OPI Skyfall Magnetics

I recently wore two of the three magnetic shades in OPI's Skyfall collection. I figured I would group them together for this post. I enjoyed both of these. These post is going to be pic heavy.

This is Morning, Moneypenny. It is a cross between a magenta and a wine color. It is a shimmer filled with tiny prismatic microglitter.

The pattern on this one turned out very nice! It was almost like a zig-zag.

Such a neat effect!

My only criticism of this one would be that the texture was a bit bumpy and this could have been because of the magnetic particles in the polish. 

Just like most magnetics, Morning, Moneypenny needed two coats. Here is what it looks like at the first coat before adding the second coat and using the magnet. This is without the flash. You can really see the prismatic microglitter particles.

Here's one coat with the flash. This is very opaque coverage for just one coat.

Second, I have Bond, James Bond. This is a golden brown shimmer. The magnet that came with it resembled a snakeskin pattern.
I love the shimmer in this!
I thought my left thumb turned out the best.

I didn't have a problem with Bond, James Bond being bumpy like Morning, Moneypenny was.

You can see the pattern a little bit better in this picture taken indoors without the flash.
Indoors with the flash.

One coat before the magnet with the flash. Morning, Moneypenny had better coverage with one coat.

One coat without the flash. 

The third OPI magnetic polish in the Skyfall collection was Is that Silva? I wore that one a few weeks ago.


  1. Pretty colors! I have never used magnetic polish, yet. These look really nice, though!

    1. Thanks! I absolutely love magnetics. I don't own that many of them yet just because the price is a bit higher, but I've been seeing a lot of them on sale lately. I'll probably cave in and buy more.