Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012 Mani

For New Year's Eve, I decided to go with a glitter bomb in order to keep it festive. This is Finger Paints- Santa's Magic layered over OPI- Tomorrow Never Dies
I was quite impressed with Santa's Magic. At first I thought it was just going to be a typical silver prismatic glitter, but the prismatic effect is super strong! You can see rainbows of color with this shade. 
Santa's Magic was released with the Finger Paints recent holiday collection. I purchased this at Sally's. They probably have these on clearance now if there are any left. This picture was taken with the flash! This polish was so packed with glitter, that it only needed one coat.

I had to take a picture while driving around in my car at night just to showcase how the glitter looked like glistening in the dark.

OPI- Tomorrow Never Dies is part of this holiday's Skyfall collection. Tomorrow Never Dies is a Blurple shimmer. I saw Blurple because I honestly cannot decide if it leans more blue or purple. It really depends on the lighting. This picture was taken without the flash- and this way it looks almost like a dark violet.

With the flash- you can see the blue side of this. I applied two coats of this for full coverage, but the second coat was somewhat thick in order to avoid bare spots. I wanted to stick to two coats since I was using this polish as a base for Santa's Magic anyway. This shade is most definitely unique!


  1. I am just nuts for Tomorrow Never Dies - I definitely see it as bottle looks burple, but on my nails it looks like the most royal velvet purple there is. I had a friend who was in Job's Daughters and was on the 'queen's whatever it is. They had these amazing velvet robes made of extremely high quality velvet (not the cotton icky kind) - the velvet had this shade to them. I also got the gold flake Man With a Golden Gun (I have Zoya's Guilty too)...and TND looks just gorg with the gold flake over it.

    1. I love dark purples! I feel as if this one looks purple the majority of the time. I recently just ordered an OPI- Man with the Golden Gun so I can't wait to use it! I really want to get Gilty also.