Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yet More Catching Up!

I'm catching up with more manis! First I have Amy's Nail Boutique- Ecopolo layered over Sally Girl- TTFN
Ecopolo is a custom polish made for a facebook group that I'm a member of. I thought it would be unique to layer it over green. Ecopolo is filled with various types of purple, pink, and blue glitter. There are shredded particles as well as circular glitter!

Here's a picture taken indoors without the flash. I applied two coats of Ecopolo.

Indoors with the flash. Amy's Nail Boutique polish can be purchased in Amy's Etsy Store.

Here's Sally Girl- TTFN. This is a mini that I won in a giveaway a while ago. It is a dusty mint-green creme. I am surprised with how good the formula is on the mini Sally Girl polishes. This applied flawlessly with two coats. I really like the brush also.

Indoors with the flash. The only downside to this polish was that it stained. It was reminiscent of Wet n Wild- I Need a Refresh-mint
Next I have a pink combo with OPI- Save Me layered over China Glaze- Hang Ten Toes.
OPI- Save Me is from last winter's Nicki Minaj collection. It has prismatic bar glitter in various sizes paired with silver micro glitter. This polish is ideal for layering.
In this slightly-blurred picture, you can see the different colors that the bar glitters flash. I only used one coat of Save Me.
Taken indoors without the flash, Hang Ten Toes was from the 2012 Summer Neons collection. It is a hot pink with a subtle shimmer. Since this was before layering Save Me over it and I didn't add top coat, it dried to a satin-like finish. This is characteristic of most neons. I only wore two coats of it because I used it as a base for layering, but if I were wearing this by itself, I would probably go for three coats since there were some bare spots.

With the flash- WOW! You can see the shimmer pop. It looks radioactive!

Lastly, I layered Happy Hands- Flowers on the Highway over Sephora by OPI- Slushied

Flowers on the Highway is filled with yellow, white, purple, green, pink, and black matte hex glitter in various sizes. I just love how these colors work together. The glitter was so packed in this polish, that I only needed one coat of it! 

This looks amazing over Slushied. It reminds me of the 70s!

Here is Sephora by OPI- Slushied taken indoors without the flash. It's a dusty, medium blue creme. The formula was great and application was flawless. Slushied is from the Winter 2011 Glee collection, so it's a bit older. I was able to snag this one in the clearance bin at Sephora.
Here is what it looks like with the flash.

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  1. OMG!!! these nail colors are all so pretty. each and every color is perfect for any occasion. Love it!