Monday, January 21, 2013

Super Mega Haul!!!

It's not news that I am an avid polish purchaser, but throughout the past few weeks, I seemed to have accumulated tons! I purchased a vintage lot of polish on ebay, bought a couple from blog sales, received some gifts, and stumbled upon many at stores for good prices! I figured all of this polish merited a separate blog post. I still have some manis to share with you, and I will be posting them soon.
Vintage Loreals! top row: Fatigues, Orangeade, and Mandarine bottom row: Sea Violette, Sea Lily, and Spice
Julie G- You-niverse, Essie- Play Date, Butler Please, and We're in it Together
OPI- On Her Majesty's Secret Service, The Living Daylights, My Address is Hollywood, I Eat Mainely Lobster, and Chocolate Moose
Candeo- Zef, OPI- Midnight in Moscow, Megan Miller- Lemon Ice, and China Glaze- Kaleidoscope Him Out
OPI- Hey! Get in Lime, Paris Couture for Sure, Skip the Gift Wrap, and Dulce de LEche
ORLY minis found at Marshall's! Cotton Candy, Pure Porcelain, Meet Me under the Mistletoe, and Take Him to the Cleaners
Pretty & Polished- Bubble Tea, Diner Daze, Cuttlefish, and Black Swan
vintage Maybellines- Lilac Haze and Two Timer and Covergirl- Midnight Forest
Max Factor- Starlet Satin, Bombshell Blue, Rose Garden, and Momentum Moss
I have these all grouped together in one picture, because I found ALL OF THIS on clearance at Sally's and applied the $10 off birthday coupon, and got everything for about $20! Top Row: China Glaze- Roguish Red, Bizarre Blurple, Blue Bells Ring, and Bend over Backwards. Bottom Row: China Glaze- Red Satin, Def Defying, Red Pearl, ORLY- Unlawful, Sally Girl- unnamed pink mini and ORLY- Rose Radiance mini
Color Club In True Fashion minis (another Marshall's find!) Model Behavior, Port-folio, First Looks, and Editorial
Covergirl Crackles- Boo Hou and Ghost and Covergirl- Anti-freeze and Gold Front

More older Covergirls! The Continuous Color ones are a bit newer than the Nailslicks. Here's Fireworks, Classic Red, Spiced Tea, Wedding White, and Quicksilver


  1. Nail polish heaven alert. I love this haul, love it.

    Kate @ Sparkle Dust xx

  2. Those Max Factor Diamond Hard polishes bring back memories! The first nail polishes I bought with my own money (I think I was like 10 at the time, lol)! were from that line! And they were mostly brown... not the most flattering nail colour for me!

    1. I don't have too many Max Factors, but I think the older ones used to be sold in the US. Now it seems like they're just international.

  3. I'm so jealous of those old polishes. How did you find them?

    1. They were in an ebay lot that Sarah posted in the group. I'm surprised I won the auction!! Vintage polishes are so cool!

  4. Woooh! quite the haul! So fun to have a bunch of new bottles all at the same time. I adore Essie Play Date - it's a color I use a lot.

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