Sunday, September 2, 2012

ASP Nail Whitening Paste

I recently purchased ASP Nail Whitening Paste at Sally Beauty Supply. It retailed for about $4. I've heard some great things about it and my nails are in dire need of whitening. I'm very ashamed of my naked nails because they're so stained from polish. They almost look like a yellow green! Here is a picture of my naked nails before. (without the flash)
 Luckily they are growing out white, but I can't guarantee if I wear a polish that doesn't stain before they grow out completely. Even wearing a base coat every time, my nails always seem to stain. I applied a generous amount of the paste on the nail scrubbing brush provided, and scrubbed away for around 2 minutes.
 Here is after the intense scrubbing. (with the flash) My nails are still noticeably stained, but they look slightly better. I believe that I forgot a crucial step: attempting to buff my nails before using the whitening paste.
Without the flash. My cuticles took a beating also (especially my middle finger, which you'll see how red it is in future posts). The sad thing is that I didn't realize how damaged it was until my hands dried off, because I was scrubbing in hot water. I believe that this stuff does work, but I just was so anxious to try it that I didn't attempt to buff out the stains first. I'm not going to completely write it off, but I'm going to give ample time for my cuticles to heal and buff off as many stains as I can first. In the meantime I am slathering my hands with lotions and cuticle oil! I understand that this review isn't particularly helpful or do the product justice, but if it does anything, be aware of how hard your'e scrubbing (those bristles are rough!), and try buffing first!

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