Friday, September 21, 2012

LA Girl- Electric Guitar

 Today I'm wearing LA Girl- Electric Guitar. This is from their Rock Star collection, but I do not know when it was released. It's an orange-toned gold shimmer with tiny and medium iridescent hex glitters. The hex glitter didn't show up well in these pictures, but they were definitely noticeable in person.
 I thought that this shade would be more sheer than it was. It was almost good with two coats, but I did three because there were some slight bare spots. I really liked the color of this!
I remember finding this one at 5Below in a sale bin for 50 cents so it was definitely a good deal! I've seen LA Girl at Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe also. The only negative thing about this polish was that it peeled off in sheets! It didn't chip at all, but I picked my nails and it came off.