Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wet n Wild Spoiled- Ants in My Pants

 Today I'm wearing Spoiled by Wet n Wild- Ants in My Pants. This is AMAZING! It is a sheer black jelly filled with different sizes of red glitter! It's very vampy and perfect for fall! I am in love with it. Spoiled by Wet n Wild is exclusive to CVS and they can still be purchased there.
 Because the jelly was so sheer, I need three coats. If you want it to be completely opaque, a fourth coat can be added. I've also seen people layer it over black. Personally, I like the jelly look. My bottle is older, so many of the larger pieces of red glitter settled to the bottom. I don't have as many of them on my nails.
I've been wearing this for two days and still no chips! The Spoiled line also has large brushes (bigger than OPI prowide). I actually like the larger brush. For me it makes the layers of polish evenly distributed. If I get polish outside of the nail, I just clean it up.

I've set aside a pile of polishes from Halloween collections, or ones that remind me of Halloween that I want to get through using during this season. Ants in my Pants was one of them. Stay tuned for more Halloween-esque polishes!


  1. Love this one, so pretty! I own it but have yet to use it! :)

  2. I just love everything about this one! I did not want to remove it.