Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zoya Zuza

 I'm wearing a pretty one today! Zoya- Zuza is from this past summer's Surf collection. It is a blue shimmer with some green to it. It's actually almost a teal. It looked slightly more green in person. It's showing up more blue in my photos.
 This only required two coats and the formula was great. I wore this for three days without chipping. I only had minimal tipwear. I own many blues and blues leaning green, but this isn't like any of my other polishes. I enjoyed wearing it! 

I also seemed to acquire a lot of polish this week!
 Here's the Pretty & Polished Hella-Wicked Halloween Collection. I cannot wait to try these!
 New Happy Hands :)
 Some blog sale vintage gems: Revlon- Racy and Covergirl Nailslicks: Rose Gold, Honey Plum Glow, and Cherry Truffle
 Maybelline- Downtown Brown, and a light gray NOX Twilight. It doesn't have a label on it and I wasn't able to figure out the name of it, unless it's just simply Twilight?
EPIC OPI dusty hunting goodies! 2 more sanderellas (which I'm holding on to for now), Greenwich Green, Live from NY it's OPI, Hollywood Blonde, and Charmed by a Snake

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