Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OPI I Juggle...Men over You Make Me Vroom!

 For today's combo, I'm wearing OPI- I Juggle...Men over OPI- You Make me Vroom. I Juggle...Men was released in OPI's Spring 2011 Softshades collection, Femme de Cirque. It is VERY sheer. It is composed of purple and blue micro shimmer particles suspended in a clear base.
Just to give an idea of how sheer I Juggle...Men is, I am wearing three coats of it over You Make Me Vroom, and you can barely even tell it's there. It's very subtle and quite difficult to see. It might look more prominent over a darker color.
Here's You Make Me Vroom by itself. t was released in OPI's Ford Mustang collection of Spring 2005. This is a black label that I found while dusty hunting. It's a bright cherry red creme, definitely reminiscent of Mustangs. Although it is difficult to see in this picture, there is a Mustang sticker on the cap. It had a great formula and applied in two coats. The color really doesn't wow me because it's just a standard red creme, but it's definitely a nice collector's item.

More new additions! 
 I got some Butter Londons from the promo on Coterie. It was a great promo since all four of these came to $11 including shipping. Since then, I ordered the other three they had. They should be arriving soon! This is matte finish topcoat, Knackered, Wallis, and All Hail the Queen.
 I placed my first Manglaze order because there was a sale. I love this brand, matte polishes, the packaging, label art, sense of humor in the names, etc! Here's Santorum, Mayonnaise, Matte is Murder, and Fuggen Ugly.
 My Rite Aid just got the Blue Cross Halloween pumpkin polishes in, so I picked up three that looked unique to me. None of them have names, and that bothers me because it makes swatches of them difficult to look up. The first one is blue and purple hex glitter in a clear base, the second is various sizes of iridescent glitter in a pink jelly base, and last there's micro iridescent glitter in a shimmery purple base.  The purple one also apparently glows under blacklight.
I also picked up a Blue Cross Disco Lights nail polish. It doesn't have a name, but it's a bright blue jelly that glows in the dark. The cap also lights up, so I took some pictures of that. I also got Sinful Colors- Mesmerize and Loreal's The Temptress' Touch and The Temptress' Power.

Here are some fun light pictures!
 I took these in the dark. I've never heard of polishes with a light up cap! There is a button you push down at the top of the cap and it flashes blue, red, and green. I got a picture of the blue and green, but was unable to get one of the red.
Here's the green. How unique is this!?

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  1. I adore I Juggle Men. Odd name - but was the only one out of the 2011 OPI Sheers I even gave a glace to. I use it a lot to give a subtle wow to other shades.