Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Manglaze- Fuggen Ugly

I recently purchased some Manglaze polishes and I've been meaning to try them for a while. I am a fan of matte shades, but usually the wear time and application sway me to wear other shades instead. This shade is called Fuggen Ugly and I was blown away! Fuggen Ugly is a dark gray which some shimmer particles.
The formula applied flawlessly! Usually with mattes, they dry so fast, that they dry as you're applying them. This dried quickly, but left enough time before drying in order to get an even application. The finish was very smooth also! The brush was slightly angled and it conformed to my nails perfectly. This was two coats.

I wore this for two days and did a sink full of dishes and it only had tipwear! I was impressed. I'm a huge fan of the label art and the shade names for this brand. I will definitely be buying more! 

Here's some epic haulage:
 I participated in a traveling polish box in one of the local facebook groups I'm in. I took out the following polishes and put some of mine in their place- but what I put in is a surprise!! I picked out: Dandy Nails- Come out and Play, ORLY- Be Brave, OPI- Italian Love Affair, and Dong Dong- 17 (YES! there is an international polish brand named Dong Dong!)
 Candy Lacquer- Hard Candy, Barielle- Shannon's Attitude, Borghese- Stellare Notte, F4 Polish- Bubble Yum, and Pretty & Polished- Jawbreaker
 OPI- That's an "El" of a Color, OPI- DS Original (I've been lemming this FOREVER!), Daring Digits- Punch me Purple and Love Hurts, and Revlon- Sheer Seafoam.
My second bargain Coterie order arrived today also! I got Butter London- Bluey, West End Wonderland, and Pillar Box Red! I also got another matte topcoat but didn't take a picture of it.

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