Sunday, September 16, 2012

Some Early Halloween Polishes

I have two halloween-themed polishes to show today. I'll start with Pretty & Polished- Candy Corn. It i from this years Hella Wicked collection. It is a color-changing polish. It changes even more than other mood polishes that I own. It is very sensitive to temperature. I am amazed by this! It's orange for cold temperatures and turns yellow when it's warmer.
 Here's a picture where it leans more yellow, but still has the color-changing gradient effect. Candy corn is a jelly, so I applied three coats.
 At this particular moment I was cold, so it was all orange. The orange in this is more red-orange.
When I was warm, they were all yellow. Although it's a pretty yellow jelly, my nails are so stained that they look dirty under this! I assure that's just staining. I like this shade the best when it has the gradient effect between the yellow and the orange. Color changing polishes can be purchased via the Pretty & Polished etsy shop. I know I will probably order more eventually. They were so neat!

The next polish I have to show wasn't as neat.
 This is a vintage Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers polish. It's called Shinin'. I'm not sure what year it's from. It appears to be a pretty blue, but it's really just blue shimmer particles in a sheer gray base. The base was super sheer! I am wearing FOUR coats here! It probably would have been more ideal to layer it over another polish, but since the base was tinted gray, I didn't really know what to layer it over. Probably another gray would be the most compatible. The formula was so thin and streaky too. 
 In a picture with the flash, you can see how it's just blue shimmer particles in a gray base.
I wanted to like this polish, and I do enjoy the color, but the formula was just soooo bad. Look at my tips! That's shrinkage from the Seche Vite. I had to remove this after a day of wear because it bothered me so much. It also took very long to dry. Maybe I'll try layering it over another shade in the future, but for now, I just wanted to be done with it.

And of course, there are some new additions and hauls!
 I participated in another secret swap in one of my local facebook groups. I got some sweet goodies from Jodi! Wet n Wild- Hollywood Walk of Fame, China Glaze- I'm Not Lion, China Glaze- Deviantly Daring, OPI- Gargantuan Green Grape, Venique minis- Havanah Glam, Side Walk Surfer, Pump up the Jam, and Ga-Lashes Glow. I also got a mini bottle of CND- Solar Oil (which smells like delicious almonds!), a nail polish ring, two pairs of earrings, and Cadberry Screme eggs!! I should use cuticle oil more often, but a lot of the time I don't like the smell of most brands, so I'll probably use the CND solar oil frequently because I love the smell.
 I did some damage at Sephora today. They had the Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson collection polishes on sale for $5 so I picked up Alley Cat, XOX Betsey, and Sparkling Personality. I've been lemming the Nails Inc Sprinkles for a long time, so I finally caved in and bought them. These are my first Nails Ince polishes! I purchased Sugar House Lane, Topping Lane, and Pudding Lane. I would have gotten Sweets Way also, but it was sold out.
My goodies from the ULTA BOGO Butter Londons were Lillibet's Jubilee and Trustafarian.


  1. candy corn is awesome!! thought it was a gradient. I rec trying lillibet's jubilee soon..its in my top 10 i think!

    1. It is amazing!! I can't wait to get other color-changing polishes. They really look like gradients! Lillibet's Jubilee looks stunning. I'm eager to try it.