Monday, September 3, 2012

KB Shimmer- Key Lime Pie

 Here's KB Shimmer- Key Lime Pie. I LOVE this! It's green, jelly, glitter- the trifecta for polish beauty in my opinion. It has various sizes of white, green, and gold hex glitter, and white and gold bar glitter suspended in a lime green base. This picture was taken in natural light.
 These next pictures are indoors with the flash. I am wearing three coats of Key Lime Pie here. It's very pigmented and builds up nicely for a jelly. You could probably even get away with two coats if you want a more sheer look. The texture of this polish was very smooth for a glitter. When it's applied, you have to make sure that no bar glitters are sticking up.
I just love the way the glitter layers over one another between coats. I've had the best experience with glitters from KB Shimmer. There is no fishing for glitter whatsoever. The glitter just comes out on the brush. Sometimes you get too much glitter and have to put a little back into the bottle. Key Lime Pie has recently been discontinued in order to make room for the shades in the fall line. 

Here are some recent additions:
From Sally's: ORLY- So Go-diva, Buried Alive, and Decades of Dysfunction (those two were on sale)
 I ordered Deborah Lippmann- Across the Universe online and also from Sally's I got Nina Ultra Pro- Electric Slide and Finger Paints- Tough Art to Follow
I got ASP Whitening Nail Paste (which I tried out in my previous post), and Gelous to use with glitter polishes.


  1. Key Lime Pie is gorgeous! I really love all of the glitter in it. I really want to get some KBShimmer polishes sometime soon.

    1. Thank you :) I definitely recommend KBShimmer. They are one of my favorite indie brands!