Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Amy's Nail Boutique- Pink Lemonade

 This polish is very unique. It is Amy's Nail Boutique- Pink Lemonade. It is a combination of yellow and pink matte glitter in a clear base. It is rather sheer. I am wearing four coats here. I really enjoyed this shade, and for next time I may layer it over a pink or yellow.

 Pink Lemonade wore very well too! There is a small chip on my index finger because I went to the pool, but other than that everything was fine. The color combination of the glitters looks great together. The finish of this was actually smooth with one coat of Seche Vite. It didn't feel gritty like many glitters do.
Amy's Nail Boutique is a relatively new indie company. Amy has wonderful customer service! I received my polishes from her probably 2-3 days after ordering. She also has plenty of other nifty shades in her Etsy shop. Currently Pink Lemonade isn't in stock, but she usually posts restock dates on her facebook page. What does everyone thing of the matte glitter trends lately? I'm enjoying it!

I also have a small Walgreen's haul:
I came across the Wet n Wild Fergie exclusives and I threw in a unique looking Sinful Colors- Pull Over because I don't own that many yellows. Sinful Colors are only $1.99 and they have a pretty good formula for the price. The Fergie ones are: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Glowstick, No Place Like Home, and Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night. Each of the Fergie polishes retailed for about $3.50 each.


  1. I want this polish so bad!! I bet its a b**ch to get off! :)

    1. It actually wasn't too bad! I used the foil method and acetone method though. I have found that matte glitters remove easier than regular glitter.

  2. That polish looks awesome! All of the matte glitters I've seen are pretty cool.

  3. She does matte glitters so well! This is pretty!