Sunday, July 15, 2012

China Glaze Atlantis with Koi Accent

I just loved this mani! I am wearing China Glaze- Atlantis and I layered Rainbow Honey- Koi Pond over my ring finger. Another person in my local swap group on facebook posted a picture of this layering combo and I just HAD to try it because it was gorgeous. I cannot say that this layering idea was mine.
 Atlantis was released in the Speciality Color collection in 2009. It is still easily found online such as Trans Design. The formula is amazing. It's pretty thick, but it only needs two coats. It is loaded with prismatic glitter in a teal jelly base. A similar polish is Funky Fingers- Tinsel Town. Tinsel Town is much more green, and the jelly is also sheerer. 
I just love how the accent with Koi Pond turned out. It definitely reminds me of koi swimming in a pond, and the black and silver glitters are like rocks.  I did not want to remove this mani, but unfortunately it started chipping. That usually happens with thick glitters. Since I only used Koi Pond as an accent, I put it back in my untrieds boxes because it's so gorgeous it needs to be used for a full mani eventually!

My fiance and I spontaneously decided to go to a flea market today. I figured it would be a good opportunity to look for polish. I just love finding older bottles, and I'm still quite nervous to take the leap into dusty-hunting. It was really difficult to find polish. The ones that I found were buried under stuff and we didn't have time to rifle through everything. I'm just glad that I found a couple and didn't leave empty handed.
 In a box of Fantasy Makers false eyelashes, these gems were on the bottom. They're makeup sets and they had Glow and Vampish Red. Each one came with rings and black eyeliner. The Glow one came with the a glowing body stick and the Vampish Red one came with a vampy lipstick. I just wanted the polish and they were only $1 each. The seller did offer to sell me the whole box for $8, but it only had eyelashes (like 40 pairs) in it so I wouldn't have much use for them. Since these Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers have the tombstone packaging, they're much newer. They could have been from this year or last year. The Glow one was a little bit separated, but I gave it a good shake and it was as good as new. I'm happy that I found Glow, because that was one that I wasn't lucky enough to find when it was in the stores during Halloween season; plus I got it for less!
I found this one in a box of auto parts. This is Maybelline- Pink Mystique. It still had the original price tag of $3.99 on it, but I got it for a quarter. I wasn't able to find anything out about this polish through googling the name. I don't think that Maybelline makes the Express Finish line anymore but the brushes on these are huge!

Even though I didn't get that much, I still had a great time "treasure-hunting". I only spent $2.25 because I just focused on nail polish. My fiance spent a lot more. He found comic books, Star Wars glasses,  a couple vintage political pins, and a Pittsburgh Penguins framed Stanley Cup poster from 1992. I'm curious to try other flea markets. The one that we went to wasn't very organized, but I'm wondering if others would have their nail polish all in one general location? Have any of you tried flea markets? What were your experiences like? Do you have any tips to find polishes at these locations?

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