Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sally Hansen- Blush Diamond

This polish is a vintage gem! It is an old school Sally Hansen Nail Prism called Blush Diamond. They released a few batches of Blush Diamond and this is the darker version. I miss when true holos used to be readily available, but judging by the Cosmoprof photos from other bloggers, it looks like they may return! I still have an affinity for collecting the older bottles though.
 Blush Diamond is a pretty rose pink. The formula was kind of thin and I am wearing three coats but it built up nicely. These pictures were taken after two days of wear so there's the slightest bit of tipwear.
 This picture is a bit blurry, but you can see the prism effect!
I managed to get one sunlight picture, and this one doesn't even show the full holographic effect of this polish. It was pretty intense- almost to the point where it was dangerous to drive without wrecking from looking at my nails!

I have some hauls from the past few days too!
 I took advantage of the 99cents Sinful Colors sale at Walgreen's. I want to preface this by saying that I don't agree with what Sinful Colors has done (pretty much stole other bloggers' images for their display, photoshopping out their watermarks without giving credit). I really hope that SC/Revlon owns up to what happened.  Not to mention it is bad advertising for them since the stolen photos don't even showcase their products/techniques that they advertise.I saw this as an opportunity to get a lot of polish for an inexpensive price, and I already had a list of SC's that I wanted. Top Row: Bikini, Cinderella, Slate, Unicorn, and Fig. Bottom Row: Neptune, San Francisco, Leap Flog, Mint Apple, and Let Me Go 
Some other purchases from blog sales/online consist of Sally Hansen- Hidden Treasure, Deborah Lippmann- Let's Go Crazy (Nordstrom Exclusive!), Metametics- Blood and Snow (WINTER IS COMING!), and Loreal- Gorgeous Gold.


  1. Stunning holo! I actually have this one and should wear it soon. Looks like you got a lot of great nail polish as well!

    1. Thanks!! I definitely treated myself with polish a lot this month.

  2. Shocked that you even could find Cinderella today to buy on the 99 cent sale. I thought that was long gone as was Neptune. You picked up great colors for 99 cents each. I also don't like the whole mess with the Sinful brochure and display. Hope as a blogging commenter we all will have some weight in helping keep this issue alive - it just needed to be given credit for the photos/hands - but how goofy is it that in both cases it was not even Sinful product shown? Wild. I loved the SH Prism - show more swatches if you have them. I never got all the ones I wanted to and am kicking myself now. I read also like you did that ChG is coming out with another holo collection. But what I did not understand in the blogging was it sounded like holo had to be pulled off the US market? I never thought that was an issue. I just thought it was too expensive and that the first 2 ChG collections did not wear well AT ALL and then there was/is such a problem with putting a top coat on them to protect and make them shine more. It's as if those 2 collections were not perfected and with the flat sales of Tron collection - it went quite from the bigger companies until all these indies started to pop up from other countries and gaining huge popularity in the US.

    1. That was actually the first time I looked in a Walgreen's for Cinderella. The store actually had a few of them! I almost missed it, but I found it on the bottom row. I didn't even know that Neptune was hard to find. I'm glad I picked it up!
      I have a few more older SH Prisms that I got from blog sales. I'll be swatching them eventually. I have so many untrieds at the moment! I'm excited for the upcoming holo collections. From the pictures, they look amazing. Hopefully they wear well. I think the pigments for them are expensive and hard to come by so I heard that the price for these new holos will be more than typical ChG typical polishes.