Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zoya- Myrta

I just wore Zoya- Myrta. It is from this summer's Surf collection. It is a red-orange with silver shimmer- or it could also be considered coral. I have the mini bottle that I got in the Zoya Pinterest trio promotion. The formula is wonderful! It went on smoothly with two coats. It's very shimmery out in the sun also! I wish I would have gotten some sun pictures, but by the time I got home from work today, it was dark outside. This is with the flash in artificial light.

I also got some goodies!

 When Pretty & Polished restocked on Etsy, I purchased Boot Camp and Dalmatian Nation. I own nothing like both of these!
I'm in a swap group on facebook and today I did some shopping for the person I'm doing a secret swap with. I ended up getting some stuff for myself too! I got Wet n Wild- Blazed (it was on sale for 60 cents!), Milani- Red Jewel FX, and Maybelline- Twilight Rays- which looks like a gorgeous black with gold flecks. Twilight Rays was $4 and it only has .23 oz so that's pretty pricey for a drugstore brand- roughly the same cost per oz as OPI.  I didn't realize it until I got home. I literally was like "Ohhh this is a nice color!" and bought it on the spot!


  1. Myrta is just gorgeousss. Can't wait to see Dalmation Nation...very intrigued!

  2. Thanks! Yeah I fell in love with the huge black glitter circles in it! It reminds me of cookies and cream.

  3. I have been out of town all week getting a bevy of medical testing done. I had not been with it when I packed up my stuff for my stay away from home. I was more concerned with taking clear liquids with me and some Depends for the GI part of the tests (ick - but necessary). So on the first day away, I looked down at my Zoya Kimmy toes and realized not only was it time for a new pedi or at least toss on another coat to get by, but I had nothing with me for a polish change. Well the GI stuff had not started it's thing yet - I dashed to a cool but way expensive beauty supply I know of in this up scale town I was in. They carry some shades of Zoya and I had Kimmy on my toes - love to get another bottle but they did not have that shade when I got there. So I picked up Myrta. I used it to touch up the chipped areas of Kimmy. When I get home I am going to try Myrta on it's own - looks really pretty here and in the patches I have on.