Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OPI DS Signature and a Pedicure for Buster

 Here I'm wearing OPI DS Signature. This is one of the original Designer Series shades released in Winter 2006. Yes, it is a linear holo! I wish that OPI still made them like this. I'm not really a fan of the newer DS shades. I got this one on ebay a while ago for about $10. It is a medium linear holographic pink. This picture is with the flash.
These next two pictures are on my window sill in the sunlight without the flash. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! I could not stop staring at this and it was probably dangerous to wear while driving. The formula was really good for a holo. Usually holos need more drying time in between coats or else they will drag. This needed three coats for complete opacity.
I also went to the pool this week and it looked stunning in the sun! I wish I would have brought my camera with me to capture it. I really want to own more OPI holo DS shades. Especially DS Original!

I had some fun with my fiance's dog this past weekend:
This is Buster the chocolate lab. Some of you readers may remember him from the last pawdicure that I gave him. My fiance is sitting next to him haha. He's wearing the reindeer pajamas that I got him for Christmas LOL.

 I just did his back paws, because I didn't want him to get too bothered. I used Avon- Sweet Mint as a base color and Nicole by OPI- Rainbow in the S-Kylie. I don't own either of these polishes because they are my fiance's little sister's.
 a close-up
 He looks so thrilled!
He's a little bit more content here! My fiance's parents also have a female dog, but she is too fidgety, so Buster had to do. Buster can be the poster dog for defeating gender norms about nail polish.


  1. I have most of the older DS polishes - however Glamour was one I did not pick up back 'when'...I was not into blues at that point. Now am really kicking myself. I see $46 and up price tags for that one. I agree - a # of my DS's look amazing out in the sun.

    1. That's good that you have a lot of the older ones. I hope to find all of them someday for reasonable prices but it's going to be difficult! I might start dusty hunting soon. I wish that OPI would still make holos like they used to!

  2. That's awesome that he let's you paint them. My dog wouldn't sit there long enuf for me to paint one nail. So cute.

    1. He is the most chill dog! He even sat there for 20 minutes afterwards and waited for them to dry haha.