Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Vintage Gem: Orly- Satin Society

 This is a really old ORLY! It was one of the bottles before the rubberized caps and it's .75 oz which is a lot of polish!!! I believe current ORLY bottles have .6 oz. ORLY-Satin Society  is meant to have a satin finish and even has a frosted glass bottle. The first coat dried rather satin-like, but as I added coats, I knew that it would have taken a long time to dry so I added Seche Vite. It now has a nice glossy finish. It still took a little bit of time to dry even with the Seche Vite!
 Satin Society is pretty sheer white and needed three thick coats. It had a frosty quality to it, but the brushstrokes weren't as visible.

I also have gotten a ton of nail mail lately! I've gotten some really good prices on these from blog sales or sales in indie shops!
 Candy Lacquer- Opposites Attract, American Apparel- Makeup, Color Club- Sugarplum Yum, Black Cat Lacquer: Fifty Shades of Grey and Let Them Eat Cake, and Rainbow Honey- Koi Pond.
Sally Hansen: Gentle Blossom, Finger Paints: Fun-fetti, Hard Candy: Beetle, Jordana: Blue Flash, Loreal: Owl's Night, Revlon: Grapefruit Fizz

Jen, from The Polished Zombie also sold me OPI- We'll Always Have Paris Suede, which was the last one that I needed for my collection. She also threw in a stackable penguin pencil!! I love penguins!!!


  1. Pretty white! I've seen an old Orly before at a garage sale, but the color was kind of boring and it wasn't in good shape.

    Amazing nail mail by the way! You got some really gorgeous polishes.

  2. love that old orly! Great haul as well... really hoping to run into that suede at a CVS, passed it up not long ago and I has regret.