Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sally Hansen Blue Away and Glass Slipper

I paired two Sally Hansen polishes together. I layered three coats of Glass Slipper, part of the new Diamond Strength shades over Blue-Away. This is a very subtle layering combination. Even with three coats of Glass Slipper, you can barely see the flakies. They are unique flakies in the sense that they don't shift from one color to another. They just have a tiny bit of shimmer.

Here is Blue-Away before I layered Glass Slipper over it. The formula on this was great. I'm actually enjoying the larger brushes that the Insta-Dri bottles have. It was completely opaque in two coats. It is the perfect sky blue creme.

I just had my birthday on Thursday, and some nail mail came. That was appropriate for the occasion. 
 OPI MAD AS A HATTER IS FINALLY MINE! This has been a lemming for YEARS! Seriously I've wanted this since I first started to get into collecting polish, but I didn't want to pay ridiculous Ebay prices for it. I found this on Copious listed for $40, but I had a $20 credit for starting my account. I got this brand new bottle for $20! It was an awesome deal!
 A-England just had a great promotion where the polishes from the Mythicals collection were only 5 pounds. I love A-England, but I usually don't order from them that often just because the shipping and pounds to US dollars conversion rate really adds up. It came to nearly $40 for these 6 polishes. I got Lady of the Lake, Tristam, Avalon, Holy Grail, Perceval, and Elaine.
I did some clothes shopping today and saw a small Kleancolor display with only 4 colors (the other two I had). I picked up Holo Yellow and Pinky Moon

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  1. Congrats on finally getting Mad Hatter into your collection. I personally think it's a polish that all true collectors need. None of the imitations of it ever got even close to the original. Even for us who are not gaga over glitters, this one is a keeper - it lays pretty flat with very low grit feel that is hidden fast by even a good topper like SV. I have about 3 extra bottles of it that I never opened as well as same on Alice which is another great classic. I guess I should sell them as I don't think I will ever get through my first bottle of each - too many to wear. Rare I go through an entire bottle of anything but for OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia and Zoya Kimmy - to beyond favs of mine. I do like super subtle toppers like Glass Slipper. I am not one that likes a ton of glitter toppers as I get tired of them in less than 24 hrs. But...when I put something like Glass Slipper or OPI Pirouette My Whistle - also in same group for me is Nubar White Polka Dot - just a little extra interest but not a huge issue of another few shades of color on top of a base I really love and want to see and enjoy. There is another in the same release as Glass Slipper that I like a whole lot and am drawing a blank on the name.