Thursday, July 19, 2012

China Glaze- It's My Turn

 A while ago, I purchased China Glaze- It's My Turn. It is from the 2009 Kaleidoscope collection. It is an orange-gold holo. I unfortunately couldn't get any sun pictures because it stormed today, but I still took a few.
 The print on the bottle is definitely wearing off! I am wearing three coats here. It built up pretty nicely. I did get a huge chip out of my pinky so the wear wasn't that good. (If you look closely, you can see that I touched it up)
 Here's a picture without the flash.
 I cannot stress enough how much I love holos! I'm in the process of trying to collect the older China Glaze holos from the Kaleidoscope and OMG collection. I own most of the Tronicas. I just chopped off my nails after these pictures were taken. They were getting too long.

I received some nail mail also! The first one is Twee & Honey- The Nirvana of Inebriation. This is an INTENSE silver linear holo. It's probably a very close dupe to China Glaze- OMG, which I don't own... yet. It came in the mail like 2 days after I ordered it. Great customer service. I want to order more polishes from this company. Especially Magpie and Sonic Rainboom. These can be purchased on the Twee & Honey website.  Prices range from $5-$13 depending on the polish. The Nirvana of Inebriation was $13. They also come in Italian glass bottles!

Second, I ordered Nails by Laura- Dani-Mite. This is a very special polish. Danielle, who the polish is named after was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Danielle and Laura teamed up to make this polish. There will only be 100 of these sold and 50% of the cost of the polish will go to the National Brain Tumor Society. I got number 37. I'm sure these won't be available much longer, so get your bottle today! They retail for $10. All of the information can be found on Nails by Laura's Etsy Page.


  1. I have this one and never have worn it ever. Thinking when I go through my massive dups and untrieds here to list on either eBay or Amazon I just MIGHT break up the K. collection even and sell some of them - always said I never would break up my OMG or Kaleidoscope collections in the past but I HAVE to pair way, way down - 1500+ and growing is gotten way out of hand.

    1. I'm a little over 800 now and it just keeps growing!